This is 26 year old Simon Gustavssons portfolio. Residing in Gothenburg Sweden, Simon always keeps his camera close by. His imagery reflects a youthful lifestyle where the people in his pictures are more than just people in a pretty picture, they are part of a timeline. 
He started his photography documenting the BMX scene he was part of. Since a few years back his photography has leaned more towards a storytelling perspective. A lot of his work is done with ambient lighting and an uncluttered analog look to keep his image simple and honest.
”My pictures are instant moments in time but I want to create the feeling of a memory with a before and after.”
His pictures have figured in different notable magazines such as Sticks and stone magazine and Last Daze. In 2017 If You Leavestagram handpicked one of his images to an exhibition in London. 
If you like this portfolio don’t hesitate to contact. 
Work, collaborations or just a simple hello is all very welcome & appreciated!
Sticks and stones magazine
If you leavestagram
Last daze
her beuty magazine
lake flora
stellar magazine

Thank you!
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